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DiaQuest QueManager OMS

QueManager is a graphics order management system (OMS) that combines a familiar workflow with new features that maximize today’s newsroom technologies.

Designed for use with either Apple Final Cut Server or Avid Interplay

An affordable software add-on OMS for newsrooms using Apple Final Cut Server or Avid Interplay™, QueManager has already helped several broadcasters in major markets retire their outdated systems and improve their graphics workflow.

Broadcasters loved the simplicity and reliability of Proximity Artbox to search graphics libraries for images and manage their newsroom workflow. With Artbox systems no longer available, newsrooms need a new OMS that offers the same user-friendly functionality, along with new features that improve efficiency. That’s why Diaquest has developed QueManager, an indispensable tool for newsroom graphics.

Plug-in for Avid iNews and ENPS

With its easily integrated plug-in for Avid iNews and ENPS newsroom computer systems, QueManager simplifies searches and order requests, allows you to prioritize those requests, and then delivers approved assets to your CG for broadcast automatically.

Compatible with Avid TitleDeko HD, Chyron, Pixel Power, and other CG systems

QueManager supports multiple broadcast CG systems as delivery devices, including Avid TitleDeko HD, Chyron, Pixel Power, and others – and automatically transcodes assets when necessary.

Not only does QueManager provide a robust replacement for existing Artbox applications, but also offers integration with Apple Xsan and other centralized storage systems, and support for image sequences and editorial applications. Plus, if your facility primarily uses Mac or Windows-based artist tools, QueManager with Final Cut Server can even replace proprietary asset management systems.