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ASSIMILATE SCRATCH is at the heart of some of the industry’s most demanding post-production and dailies DI workflows for motion pictures, episodic television, independent features, and more. In the past, transferring files into Avid Interplay was a tedious, time-consuming process that required transcoding, manual file manipulation, and the occasional voodoo ceremony. DiaQuest ProductionLink for ASSIMILATE SCRATCH resolves compatibility issues with its reliable, seamless, and user-friendly link between applications.

Full Compatibility Saves Time and Money

ProductionLink for ASSIMILATE SCRATCH is fully compliant with Avid file formatting and folder organization, so saved files are immediately available for Media Composer™ and other Avid applications. To transfer content between systems, multiple manual steps are reduced to a single plug-in – which lets your editors spend less time on file management and more time on creative projects. ProductionLink exports Avid Mediafiles DNxHD® MXF OP-atom video files and individual PCM MXF OP-atom audio channel files.

Easy Installation, Easier Operation (Really)

It doesn’t get much easier than ProductionLink for ASSIMILATE SCRATCH. No additional hardware is required, not even a dongle. It’s a plug-in that installs into ASSIMILATE SCRATCH, so you don’t need to run a separate application. And once it’s installed, ProductionLink for ASSIMILATE SCRATCH features appear within the user interface. Need to create a file for Avid Interplay? Just select that export plug-in. All settings are handled automatically – simply specify the ISIS destination of the files and Interplay asset name through a pop-up.

Workflow Flexibility

By allowing ASSIMILATE SCRATCH and Avid Interplay to work together, ProductionLink for ASSIMILATE SCRATCH adds new levels of flexibility to your workflow. Facilities entrenched with SCRATCH can add the file organization and metadata capabilities of Interplay, while workgroups with Interplay can incorporate SCRATCH without the hassle of file conversion and movement complexities. And ProductionLink for ASSIMILATE SCRATCH is available for Windows and Mac systems, so you can get connected regardless of your platform.

ProductionLink for SCRATCH FAQ

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Note: You must have Avid Interplay Web Services installed on the Interplay network. See the FAQ.